Today’s drawings – New pen – Hero 501-1

Todays drawings, Cambridge market.

Drawing today with my new pen,very excited when this arrived from China –

The pen is a Hero 501-1 fountain pen,it comes with a converter so you can fill it with whatever ink you want. I currently have it filled with Noodlers black,a great permanent ink suitable for fountain pens. The pen has a Fude nib designed for Chinese/Japanese calligraphy but just the best to draw with. It has a very expressive line that has good variation,as you can see in the picture it ranges from fine to a nice wide line that is perfect for blocking in areas of black. Have been playing around with this at home getting used to its idiosyncrasies. After using other nibs that flex to get a wider line it took a while to alter drawing behavior. This nib has to be held at a different angle to achieve the same effect,which means that a finer line is got by holding the pen more vertical while the widest line is at 45 degrees. Took a bit of getting used to but now i just love it.Today was the first time I’ve tested out on location as you can see in the following images –

I think I paid $7 for this online,bargain!! Best pen I’ve ever bought for drawing. Perhaps my only gripe with it is that the converter is too small and has to be frequently filled.Apart from that i’m very satisfied with it.