Drawing expansion 2

Yesterdays breakout from the sketchbook continued today with even more pages added. Working in this way, while opening up the range of vision, also brings with it practical problems. As I’m drawing in a situation where I’m not able to see the whole drawing ,I’m working on sections at a time. This means that with the expansion there is the problem of reference – seeing the bigger picture to place objects in relative size to create the illusion of space. I saw this when IĀ got home and laid out the full drawing(it’s in three horizontal strips at the moment) When drawing the foreground all I had to refer to was the nearest element in the drawing, this resulted in it being drawn too small(remedied this by gluing paper over the relevant area..Drawing straight with ink allows little room for manoeuvre) Tomorrow will rework this section now I have a better idea of relative scale.

I’ve been drawing this with my Hero 501-1 Fude nib pen,I’ve refilled it with Daler Rowney Calli ink, which I’m finding has a much faster flow and deeper black than the Noodlers bulletproof black ink. More thoughts about this pen and it’s effect on my drawing at a later date.

Here’s today’s progress –